mama eats: the e-cookbook 

I am so excited and honored to release this ebook to you, a collection of many recipes to cook and eat and share during the cooler months and beyond. Packed with almost 200 recipes (for a full list of recipes, scroll down to the bottom of the page), plus tips + information regarding:

  • meal planning + organization

  • shopping the farmers market

  • cooking and eating with children

  • stocking a helpful pantry

  • kitchen tools + caring for them

  • storing food without plastic + less waste kitchen

  • eating a balanced plant based diet + my pillars for maintaining health

  • a skin ritual + a new moon ritual

  • medicine cabinet; immunity + wellness in cold months

  • primers on cooking grains + beans from scratch

  • dairy subs: 4 plant milks, coconut yogurt, feta, ricotta, parm, crema, baked brie

  • breakfasts, both savory + sweet

  • aperitivi

  • vinaigrettes and dressings

  • tons of soups, dinners, salads, vegetable dishes, most with variations for new ideas

  • a few desserts

  • suggested menus

video toolkit companion

Designed to be a companion to the cookbook, this collection of 28, short, 1-3 minute long videos shows how to cook some of the recipes and some cooking techniques. Helpful for those who like to see things hands on.

Included videos:

  • how to segment an orange

  • pasta e fagioli

  • pasta e broccoli

  • lemon risotto

  • black bean chili

  • saucy potatoes + onions

  • fennel + citrus salad

  • spicy tofu + kimchi soup

  • mushrooms + dumplings

  • sunshine latte

  • chile + spice pumpkin seeds

  • spinach + orange salad

  • crumbly feta

  • marinated lentils

  • harissa red lentils

  • preserved lemons how to make + using them in a preserved lemon vinaigrette

  • preserved lemon dahl

  • citrus green smoothie

  • buckwheat apple galette

  • immunity shots

  • roasted golden beets + their greens

  • garlic + lemon greens

  • simple fluffy quinoa

  • chickpea flour savory crepes

  • seasoned tofu 2 ways: harissa garlic and maple Dijon

  • winter tomato sauce

  • cardamom cashew chia pudding

  • hibiscus fire cider

recipe index

A list of every recipe in the book, so that you can see exactly what you’ll get before you decide to purchase (or


  1. hibiscus fire cider (an immunity recipe)

  2. immunity shots

  3. herbal infusions (for minerals + reproductive wellness)

  4. pink sauerkraut

  5. a primer on cooking grains, ratios, + 2 methods for perfectly cooking grains

  6. simple fluffy quinoa

  7. black rice with apricots

  8. simple rice flavored with onion

  9. apple cider dressed farro + an option to turn into into a grain salad

  10. a primer on cooking beans from scratch, troubleshooting + tips

  11. simple lentils + 2 different ways to marinate them to turn into a side or salad

  12. simple chickpeas + IP variation

  13. roasted chickpeas

  14. creamy black beans + an emergency, no soak, instant pot variation which can be applied to all beans

  15. sage + garlic white beans

  16. + a leftovers variation to use them up- garlicky refried white beans

  17. simple pinto beans

  18. + a leftovers variation to use them up- silky sopa tarasca

  19. how to cook tofu, tips on which tofu is best, and 2 ways to glaze: maple dijon + harissa garlic

  20. teriyaki tofu with cashews + mushrooms

  21. a simple teriyaki sauce that lasts for weeks in the fridge and is endlessly useful

  22. a primer on how to toast nuts and seeds + chile toasted pumpkin seeds

  23. dukkah; a seasoning to dip veg in or sprinkle on anything

  24. DIY everything bagel seasoning

  25. toasted coconut almond butter

  26. salsa verde; an easy, very delicious + useful herby Italian sauce

  27. lemon aïoli (like a mayo but better)

  28. pink pickled onions + turmeric pickled onion variation

  29. + a vinaigrette using the leftover pickled onion brine

  30. slow roasted cherry tomato confit

  31. garlic confit + suggestions on how to use

  32. + a garlic bread recipe using garlic confit (best, easiest garlic bread ever)

  33. preserved lemons

  34. no bones mineral rich broth- for sipping on chilly mornings and using in soups

  35. almond milk + 4 variations

  36. coconut yogurt

  37. almond ricotta + option to culture it

  38. cauliflower cashew ricotta for baked pastas and such

  39. crumbly tofu feta

  40. crumbly parm

  41. lime cashew crema + 2 flavor variations

  42. + an option to turn it into a mozzarella sauce that binds when baked

  43. sunshine latte

  44. + medicinal hot chocolate variation

  45. ginger + cinnamon decoction for immunity, circulation + warming

  46. breakfast miso soup

  47. Japanese sweet potatoes with miso butter and sesame

  48. citrus green smoothie

  49. + simple sweet greens smoothie with ginger

  50. olive oil, pecan, and maple granola

  51. + a variation for chocolate olive oil granola

  52. a foolproof method for creamy steel cut oats + porridge with pan braised caramelized pears

  53. citrus yogurt bowl

  54. a highly customizable, protein and nutrient dense greens + beans breakfast

  55. tofu scramble + arugula, jalapeño, cherry tomato breakfast salad

  56. ricotta toasts, 1 sweet, 1 savory

  57. easy french toast to use up stale bread

  58. + a quick frozen berry chia compote to serve it with

  59. aperitivi (happy hour) easy snack ideas

  60. salty dog cocktail (non alcoholic with an option for alcoholic too)

  61. spicy + sweet spiced nut mix

  62. seeded + spiced chickpea almond crackers- so easy and will stay crisp up to 5 days

  63. gooey baked brie

  64. + an option to turn into a spinach artichoke dip

  65. creamy roasted garlic + white bean dip

  66. tempero, a paste to keep in the fridge to flavor soups, beans, grains

  67. minestrone, the big soup

  68. + a variation for winter soupe au pistou, recipe for a winter pesto

  69. pasta e ceci

  70. pasta e fagioli

  71. sunday lentil soup, richly flavored with a mushroom based hot Italian “sausage” crumble + an idea for leftovers

  72. weeknight lentil soup, an easy, deeply flavored soup made with cheap pantry staples

  73. chickpea noodle soup, bright with lemon and fresh herbs

  74. butternut apple soup

  75. + 2 variations using the same method for parsnip + apple soup and broccoli + potato soup

  76. creamy cauliflower soup with cheesy toasted almond flakes and chives

  77. + a garlic chips variation for topping instead of the almonds

  78. + 3 variations using the same method for creamy pumpkin soup, celery root soup, and carrot ginger soup

  79. vegetable pot au feu, tender veg cooked in broth

  80. black bean chili + a mushroom variation

  81. + 2 ideas to use up and reimagine the leftovers

  82. on the go miso soup, a recipe to take with you in a jar and add hot water when you’re ready to eat

  83. seaweed gomasio, a umami rich seasoning blend for the soup and beyond

  84. pozole verde, a bright tomatillo and hominy based soup + 2 variations

  85. mushroom soup with herb + mustard dumplings (NOT GF but easy to sub a GF flour blend)

  86. moroccan spiced chickpea + lentil soup

  87. thai spiced red curry lentils

  88. + a indian spiced, ginger and golden raisin laced variation

  89. quick lemon harissa lentils

  90. preserved lemon dahl with lots of turmeric and spice

  91. tofu laksa, a spicy curried noodle soup, with a DIY curry paste recipe that can be used for other things too

  92. spicy coconut tofu red curry

  93. + a leftovers variation to use it up in a new way

  94. spicy + creamy tomato soup

  95. spiced rice porridge (think a Vietnamese spiced congee with crispy mushrooms, herbs and lime on top) + instructions for cooking it in the IP too

  96. + a kimchi and gochujang variation

  97. quick, spicy tofu + kimchi soup

  98. rice, cabbage and shiitake soup

  99. autumn vegetables bourguignon

  100. French onion soup

  101. mustard vinaigrette + 4 variations to switch it up

  102. preserved lemon and shallot vinaigrette

  103. lemon garlic creamy tahini dressing

  104. maple soy tahini dressing

  105. golden turmeric tahini dressing

  106. miso sesame dressing

  107. + a variation for carrot, miso, sesame dressing

  108. dead of winter salad with oranges and beets + 4 ideas for variations

  109. simple arugula, parm and lemon salad- use as a side, to top cooked pizzas, toss with pasta

  110. spinach, orange, and caramelized red onion salad with tofu feta

  111. chickpea salad tartine- think tuna salad but with chickpeas, bright with the homemade lemon aïoli

  112. + a curried chickpea salad variation studded with golden raisins

  113. kale caesar with crispy chickpeas

  114. autumn salad with balsamic shallot vinaigrette, pomegranate and pumpkin seeds

  115. French grated carrot salad

  116. + a variation for a cauliflower and potato salad

  117. roasted + raw salad with rosemary roasted veggies, balsamic, and fresh hardy greens

  118. cumin + cardamom spiced chickpea salad with quick pickled onions, very quick, 1 bowl, and perfect to pack for lunch

  119. olive, rice, and chickpea salad- also very quick and a complete meal, great to pack for lunch

  120. winter panzanella, a great use for leftover stale bread, very easy (NOT GF)

  121. rainbow cabbage slaw

  122. + a coconut slaw variation

  123. roasted vegetable + farro salad with crumbly feta (farro is NOT GF but just swap in a gluten free grain)

  124. + 2 variations: winter squash + arugula and autumn grape + walnut

  125. 6 basic templates of ideas to use up vegetables: a soup,

  126. a stir fry,

  127. a roast with a maple mustard glaze

  128. a taco

  129. a salad

  130. a bowl

  131. rosemary, maple + cranberry roasted squash

  132. sweet + sour squash with onions

  133. squash petit pots (small squashes roasted with leeks and herbed broth inside them)

  134. spiced roasted squash + lentil salad with greens

  135. + a quick use-it-up-for-lunch-the-next-day variation if you have extra leftover roasted squash

  136. sweet potato oven fries with salsa verde to dip

  137. roasted smashed gold potatoes

  138. thyme + lemon roasted new potatoes

  139. saucy potatoes + onions- cooked on the stovetop, really the most comforting thing

  140. garlicky potato mash with a variation for using the garlic confit for a different flavor

  141. crispy fennel, orange + olive salad with red onions

  142. fennel, blood orange, and white bean salad

  143. silky wine braised fennel- caramelized and so tender

  144. leeks vinaigrette with lentils

  145. + 4 variation ideas and an idea for using leftovers

  146. thyme roasted beets that you can roast in a big batch; then use throughout the week

  147. + a creamy beet soup to use them in

  148. + how to pickle them

  149. roasted golden beets + their greens; simple and a good way to use the whole plant

  150. roasted cauliflower, dates, and thyme

  151. cumin roasted carrots with yogurt and a carrot top-hazelnut pesto (which is also great on many other things!)

  152. + 3 variations using different vegetables and greens

  153. simple seared baby bok choi (use this method to cook many other greens, too)

  154. broccoli rabe with chile, garlic + lemon (use this method to cook many other greens, too)

  155. simple rainbow chard with wine, raisins, and chile- uses both the stems + leaves of the chard

  156. sautéed chickpeas and escarole, richly flavored with tomato, onion and carrot- super easy and a wonderful lunch

  157. seared Savoy cabbage wedges- a great side for anything an so easy and beautiful

  158. winter tomato sauce, extremely simple and delicious, use on pasta or pizza

  159. + a variation for a rich + dark version with red wine, celery, onion, carrot

  160. + a very quick and simple creamy blender tomato sauce

  161. pad thai (ish) with crispy tofu

  162. + a peanut noodle variation

  163. lemon risotto

  164. + 3 different variations: shiitake and peas, fennel, and saffron.

  165. butternut ravioli - you can also use the dough for other pasta (NOT GF)

  166. + a variation for cheese ravioli

  167. mujaddara- a spiced rice + lentil dish with caramelized onions, salted yogurt, and mint

  168. pasta e broccoli- a very simple, easy pasta recipe that everyone loves

  169. ricotta stuffed cannelloni or shells

  170. kale + sweet potato tacos- the filling is a 1 sheet pan roast and is great for many other things, too

  171. enchiladas vegetarianas with a hearty squash, black bean, chard, mushroom filling + homemade delicious dried chile sauce

  172. savory chickpea crepes- very easy, cheap, fast

  173. white bean, tomato, (veg) sausage skillet- simple and hearty 1 pan meal

  174. cardamom cashew chia pudding with orange zest + vanilla

  175. + a chocolate hazelnut variation

  176. dates + tahini with 4 ideas to change it up

  177. dark chocolate + olive oil ring cake (NOT GF but you could sub GF flours; I tested with a brown rice flour, almond flour, cornstarch blend and it came out good, just more crumbly)

  178. blood orange granita + vanilla ice cream (think an amazing creamsicle with an edge)

  179. drunken braised pears 2 ways: with red wine + bay OR with moscato + orange

  180. vanilla bean cashew mascarpone

  181. cardamom vanilla creme anglaise- great for drizzling on parched or fresh fruit, or with fruit crumbles/crisps

  182. apple + cranberry crumble- also cab sub pears

  183. buckwheat apple galette (can use the dough for any other galette application, sweet or savory)

  184. + a variation with Calvados soaked golden raisins

  185. chocolate mousse

  186. chocolate tahini swirl banana bread (NOT GF but you can sub GF flours with a more dense result; I use spelt for a wheat free loaf)

  187. dark chocolate tahini brownies + a variation to turn it into a “flourless” chocolate cake with raspberry sauce

  188. stovetop popcorn

  189. limoncello

  190. membrillo