I’m so excited and honored to welcome you into this digital workshop. If you’re here, it means you’re open and ready to start shifting your lifestyle to be simpler + gentler on the earth. We’ll dive deep into exactly how to do so, as I take you through areas of your life and home where we will take inventory + implement change.

Change takes time. Lots of it, depending on your personality and where you already are at in your practices. It’s ok. If there’s one thing I’d like to emphasize, it’s to be gentle with yourself, pause as needed, and go at your own pace. We not only want to create a lifestyle that’s more sustainable and simple, we want to make sure that it’s sustainable for you- that is, feasible over the long term. I know first hand how draining it can be to jump in with both feet to something- it’s what I did when I first went down this path towards simplifying + sustainability. Since, I’ve come to realize that our mental energy is one of the most sacred + important things for us to prioritize + protect. So, go as softly or as strongly as is appropriate for you. Also, there is no “arrival” - this is not a means to an end, rather an ongoing practice that will empower you to choose consciously and mindfully.

You may enjoy doing this workshop multiple times, once to start, and revisiting it as needed when you feel ready to implement more changes in your life.


materials || you’ll need a pencil and a notebook to work through the course. On some modules, there is video content, so a pair of headphones could be helpful if you’ll be working in a shared space.

access || you’ll be able to access the workshop by logging in with your account. You will need access to wifi to navigate through the modules.

navigate || Start the modules in order- “observe” first, then “learn”, then “shifting” -these first three will give you a solid foundation to build upon. Then, either: work through the modules in order as they appear, or skip around based on what you’re wanting to work on + learn about most.

questions || feel free to email