kitchen + dining 

Following up on the fridge + pantry module, there’s a few other things we can do in the kitchen to streamline things and make them more sustainable.

filtered water: Water is the thing we consume the most of, so I feel it’s very important that what we drink is high quality. Instead of buying plastic bottles like I used to years ago, I started purchasing on tap filtered water from my local co-op grocer. I simply take my 5 gallon glass carboy to the store, fill it up, and take it home. It tastes much better, so I drink more water, and I don’t have to fiddle around with purchasing filters and such. If you are concerned about moving the heavy container yourself, you could consider signing up for a water delivery service or purchasing an in home filtration system such as the Berkey, which is stainless steel and works very well.

coffee: buy bulk beans, either from a local coffee shop or grocery store. Use reusable coffee filters, or an already closed loop brewing method like French press, Vietnamese pour over filter, or Bialetti moka pot.

tea: buy looseleaf tea, either in bulk or in a tin. Use a steel or cotton tea infuser to brew the cup, or simply let it brew loose and then strain.

cloth napkins: invest in a set of cloth napkins and they’ll last many years. So much chicer.

beer + wine: explore local breweries and wineries to see if they sell refills to avoid all that recycling.

hard alcohol: try to purchase nicer bottles that you’d want to reuse after and whose label will come off easily (I love Casamigos bottles for this reason!).

actionable steps

This week:

  • research the tap water quality in your area in order to keep abreast of what’s going into your body- enter your zip code via the Environmental Working Group website here.