conscious consumption

We are all consumers, and as such we have the responsibility to do so as responsibly as we can. Our society constantly bombards us with messages to buy, buy, buy- but to what end? Buying things certainly doesn’t make us happier in the longterm, nor fix our problems, make us more attractive, or any of the other things that are fed to us not subliminally and outright through advertisement. Plus, consumption has a much larger effect than most of us think.

learning to pause

questions to ask before purchasing

These questions, adapted from Andrea Sanders of Space + Pause, are wonderful to have written out or posted somewhere so you can run through them when you’re considering purchasing an item.

  • Why do I need this?

  • How will I use this?

  • Can I do without it?

  • Do I already have something else that can serve the same purpose?

  • Is this item repairable?

  • Will it last?

  • Is it beautiful? Is it inspiring?

  • Does this item provide real value to me?

  • Who made this? Were they paid fairly?

  • Do the company’s values align with mine?


actionable steps

This week,

i. Watch the True Cost documentary. It’s on Netflix, if you have that, and it’s a very powerful look at the realities behind clothing production and consumption habits.